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News: War Machine was released!!

The project

This project was born in 2006 and reborn in 2016 after ten years.

My name is Mariano Meschini "REDHOT", graphic designer and a big fan of CAPCOM and the Marvel vs Capcom games.

The project consists in elaborate and edit all the characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 faithfully and professionally as possible to the platform M.U.G.E.N. only to 1vs1 playable with six buttons.

Most of these characters were created previously by other authors, but with other claims and focused on other games, all edits will be indicated.

I am very strict on this project, and I will try to bring on these characters to the most higher level, combining my knowledge and author´s knowledges.

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Mouser - DarkWolf13 - walruslui - ExShadow - Ryou Win - Wuwo - Kong - FerchoGTX - Cloudius - One Winged Angel - Luvly Angel - Splode - Reza - Iwakick - hsiehtm - Nobuyuki - InfinityMugenTeam - Whiplash - The None - Unko man - The Mugen Fighters Guild - Vs Style Debuts Team - Aku ma - XCB - Kamekaze - Violin Ken - Jin Kazama - DCL - Sander71113 - MystikBlaze - Beximus - LegendaryXM90 - preppy - Cyanide - Third - Big Eli King  - WhiteMagic2002 - Supermistery

(See the credits list of every character downloading them)

Marvel characters created originally by Marvel INC. Capcom characters created originally by Capcom Co.

Strider Hiryu created originally by Moto Kikaku and Capcom Co. Marvel vs Capcom 2 created originally by Capcom Co.

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